Where to buy pucks in seattle

Started by kiyotei, June 05, 2009, 04:32:03 PM

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FYI GI Joe's and also Jerry's Surplus have gone out of business in Seattle.  Also it seems that 2 of the three other locations you listed for Seattle area do not sell your pucks anymore.  I had to mail order my last batch from Bradley.


I've had great luck with Amazon.com. 

While I'd love to make purchases locally, no one close carries them.  I could drive around until I found them, but it's much easier to log onto Amazon, place my order and have them here in less than a week.

And I don't pay local sales tax on them  ;D


I'm from Seattle area and I buy the puck from Amazon.com. It's the most convinience place to buy. Plus I think it's cheaper at Amazon.com too!


There is an outdoor store just a couple of blocks south of Safeco field that has bradley pucks.  I bought my first pack there when I couldn't wait for Amazon then ordered 4 boxes from amazon.  Sorry I can't remember the name but if you drive down there it is right around 1700 4th Ave S.

Good Luck!