The V8 of Smoke Houses

Started by Gamefish, June 18, 2009, 12:29:44 AM

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Thought i would share what we get up to down here in New Zealand

How to turbo charge your home made Smokehouse Bradley Style
Grabbed a pile of non treated ply and got building, added a V8 series of Bradley Smoke adaptors and this is what evolved over a few days

Added a Bradley stainless steel rack system that could smoke more fish in one hit that you could ever imagine, also deigned so you can take out the racks and hang your fish

Designed a drip tray system so this smokehouse will stay perfectly clean, just wash the tray and empty the bucket

Added a vent to the top that is fully adjustable

Then decided to add a commercial heating element so this puppy will cook anything and made it fully controllable (Black Heating Bar) from 40C to 85C

Now for the ultimate test 20 minutes later

Yep it works a treat :)

2 weeks later

OK the plan was set, Damo kindly threw all the kahwai from his fishing comp in the back of my truck, smoke this lot Gamefish!

Cured chilly bins of fish down last night using a sprinkling of Bradley Maple Cure and maple syrup and this morning load it up to the top

Checked it after a few hours and was surprised how much smoke it was producing!
"No fire Brigade here"

but opened the door and good lord now that holds the smoke and coming along nicely

Thought yep the plan is coming together

unit was sitting at about 55C consistently all day while i was working

4pm came round time for the final check

OMG perfection, not bad for a first effort

I can finally say from having an idea and turning it into reality i am pretty happy right now

So there you have it, good old kiwi ingenuity Bradley style!



Do all the stainless steel rack holders and drip tray lift out for cleaning? Is it easy to keep clean?

And three smoke generators.... wow!  :o


Hi Manxman i designed the racks using the Bradley Extra Stainless Racks so i could take them out to clean easily

after smoking this lot of fish the unit stayed perfectly clean with the drip tray i designed

I thought 3 generators was a good idea as this makes the perfect smoker and if i don't want a lot of smoke i can just turn them on and off to please :)

Habanero Smoker

I agree with Manxman; very impressive.



If it was a Ferrari it would be a V12. Very nice.



I want one. Very very nice.  Man is my wife going to be mad  :D  if i built one i would have to live in it too  :D  ;D

Great job



Holy cow.  That looks fantastic!!!  Job most impressively done.  Congratulations and don't be shy about posting more pictures.  I've got my drool buckets out.

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Impressive indeed! 

Next you will be building a rack holder so that you can pressure wash your racks outdoors.  That is what I would be thinking of so that there is as little work as possible.  ;D
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That smoker rocks!

I wonder how many pork butts you can get in there....
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im green with envy... i need one of them


WOW!!!  Let's all head for New Zealand.  Really impressive work.




Now that Bad Boy TRUMP's any of the homebuilt smokers I have seen for awhile. I want one as well!!!
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Now that is a smoker, wow....You could cook for a huge group at one time in that.