Vote on Iron Chef Bradley II winner:

WTS's southwestern breakfast roll
Up in Smoke's Dagwood is a wimp! Great Superbowl Samich
Deb415611's Meat & Potato Lovers Deep Dish Pizza
Gizmo's Pork Wellington aka Pigs in a Blanket
NePaSmoker's Mashed potato hamball PAzone
Caribou's Quichezza with Smoked Ham, Zucchini and Hash Brown Topping

Author Topic: Iron Chef Bradley II Turn-In Pictures  (Read 37030 times)

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Re: Iron Chef Bradley II Turn-In Pictures
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Very kool UIS...that sucker looks amazing...VERY...VERY...WELL DONE...that is one honkin sandwich!! My husband is a drooler...when I showed him the pictures...we had to get a new keyboard!!!  ;D