Iron Chef Bradley II Turn-In Pictures

Started by deb415611, July 07, 2009, 03:28:22 AM

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WTS's southwestern breakfast roll
Up in Smoke's Dagwood is a wimp! Great Superbowl Samich
Deb415611's Meat & Potato Lovers Deep Dish Pizza
Gizmo's Pork Wellington aka Pigs in a Blanket
NePaSmoker's Mashed potato hamball PAzone
Caribou's Quichezza with Smoked Ham, Zucchini and Hash Brown Topping

La Quinta

Very kool UIS...that sucker looks amazing...VERY...VERY...WELL DONE...that is one honkin sandwich!! My husband is a drooler...when I showed him the pictures...we had to get a new keyboard!!!  ;D