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Started by MallardWacker, February 03, 2005, 07:13:39 PM

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Here is a website for you to peruse:

We are doing the Hawaii cruise in November, but staying in the Military R&R hotel in Honolulu for 3 nights prior to leaving on cruise.  If any military affiliation, the Hale Koa is a little more than $100 a night for 180° ocean view..BX and commisary on premises.  Has been military hotel since it's purchase during Viet Nam.  Cheap digs - very nice, and pretty centralized.  

Olds this is the kind I am looking at, but approaching very cautiously.

I want a nice coach, looking at things 40ft max length.  Want cruise, leveling, Must have AT, Air suspension when in motion and when parked. Both 24V and 12 V systems.  NO Webasto heating system.  OTR heating/air.  Of course, want to buy at half of what it is worth too.  The interest can be written off just like a house, and if I can pull off running a business venture out of it while traveling, could write off portion of payments and fuel

Fantasy now, but worth considering.  Would essentially be bi-coastal trips.  See Grandkids in Florida, youngest daughter in Citrus Heights CA, and son in Chico.  Son thinking about taking job at National Park in Colorado, so just go back and forth seeing the kids, seeing the sights, BBQ events, and generally enjoying the retirement we work so hard to earn.  

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There is room on earth for all God's creatures....right on my plate next to the mashed potatoes.