Do you guys clean the smoker after use?

Started by degenerazn, July 22, 2009, 08:31:45 PM

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After my first smoke yesterday, it inner walls of the smoker is covered in, I guess its grease.  Now I clean the racks, bowl, and everything else that's removable but the walls itself seem to be pretty tough to clean.  Is it necessary to clean the walls after each use?


No, that is flavorful seasoning.  It will let you know if it needs cleaning when it starts to flake.  Have only done that once in 3 years and we are talking about just a light brushing to knock the flakes off.  Wad of paper works fine.
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Thats what I'm thinking.  Its like a frying pan that's never washed.  Each time you cook something only adds on the flavor of the next food.


Just clean the racks, bowl, bottom pan and v tray. Like Giz said a wad of paper or aluminum foil works good. Never spray and kind of cleaner on the walls. Doing that will leave a chemical taste.

The crustier your smoker gets the better it will smoke.



Same here, just wash the trays, bowl and the racks.


I would also recommend cleaning the rubber door seal and any metal that touches it after each use.  You should probably consider cleaning the vent when it starts wanting to stick.
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oakville smoker

One more thing...  this from learning the hard way
Make sure you give the bottom of the unit under the drip tray a good clean.
for some reason, bacteria think its a resort for them and head straight there
All I wanted to do was slow smoke some ribs.  Another addiction created thanks to the Bradley that requires regular servicing...  But what an addiction to have.  Even better to share here with some of the best people on the planet.

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