first it!!!!

Started by buttburner, July 23, 2009, 11:23:28 AM

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It has arrived from Cabelas and is getting aquainted with some of its new friends on my patio.

I am seasoninig it now. Much much different from what I am used to.

But so far its COOL!!!


Hang on tight.....Let the fun begin!!   ;D

Its amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can't do!


Welcome buttburner

You have a nice Bradley

Now all ya gotta do is dump the weber spirit and the vertical and replace em with a Traeger  ;D



that weber aint goin nowhere...

I also have a Weber Kettle 1978 vintage thats my main grill, the Weber in the pic is for quickie meals only

But that old smoker is going bye bye....


Welcome to the addiction of smoking without the flame its going to be a fun ride


oh yea!!

seasoning is done, I used a few of my homemade pucks, too. I had 3, one I tried burning (worked ok) the other 2 acted as bubba pucks.

ramped the temp up and down a few times trying to get a feel for it (even though it was empty of course) the thermo on the door was actually prety close to my remote.

ready for the weekend

yea buddy


Looks like they are all getting along just fine for now.  ;D


Quote from: mikecorn.1 on July 23, 2009, 03:25:38 PM
Looks like they are all getting along just fine for now.  ;D

yea...Brad seems like an indoor type of guy though. I did not get a cover for him so he will spend a lot of his days in the garage.

His first date is Saturday with Ms. Butterball.

the kids gonna grow up quick, they always do!!!!


Now if you want, you could turn the old upright into a nice cold smoker by running an aluminum dryer hose between the Bradley vent on top, and the old upright intake.
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When smoking Ms Butterball keep the vent all the way open.


Good catch 812!

Poultry holds a lot of moisture and you need the vent open 100% the entire time to let the moisture out.  Otherwise it can hold your temps down, condensate and drip a black nasty tasting liquid on Mrs. Butterball and can cause smoke to back up into your generator destroying it over time.



thanks for the tip!!!

was kinda wondeing about that since ut closes up tight as a fridge, unlike my old smoker