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Started by wischermit, August 10, 2009, 05:00:26 AM

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Ordered my new DBS last Thursday..getting jittery!! Can't wait...I've been trying readas many of your posts as I can.. & keep seeing suggestions for a circulation fan.. Can someone explain/elaborate a bit for me.. Thanks! ::) 


One more question.. How hot does the outside bottom of the smoker get?? Just trying to decide what kind of table/stand to use with the unit..


The fan is an option addon, keeps the cabinet just about free of hot spots, aids in circulation of heat and smoke.

The entire outside of the smoker is cool to the touch. I have had mine on everything from plastic to wood.


Habanero Smoker

Here is a link with instructions on how to install one.

Circulation Fan



while your waiting check out the recipe site and try to decide on your first smoke, welcome to the site.





Thanks everyone.. Just read most of the posts about the fan!! Will definitely refer back to it.. Got my carton of accessories yesterday, so the Bradley can't be too far behind..  :)


 ;D ;D ;D Woooohoooo.. smoker arrived yesterday afternoon!! Got all the racks, etc washed up & will put together this morning & season..  Let the smoking begin.. I think it'll be chicken for dinner..


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Remember to post some pics if you can. We like pics.  :D  :) :)


About all I can say about dinner last night is WOWZA!!!!!! The chicken was beautiful & the venison italian sausages were the best ever.. I did take a couple of picutres, but will have to wait until my son gets up this morning so I can post them..Can't believe everything came out wonderful on my first go at this smoking stuff.. Now the tough decision is "what's next"..


Good to here that every thing turned out like you planed

Dont you love it when a plan comes out perfect

Whats next ? Try your fav meatloaf recipe and smoke it


Meatloaf is a good idea..will have to look for a smoking recipe (rub, etc).. I was trying to find something for these boneless pork rib ends that I have..


Boneless pork rib ends?  Rub overnight.  Into smoker at 225 using hickory until done to your liking.  Sauce and consume.

We don't need no stinkin' recipe! :D

Meatloaf is also that easy.  Make up your favorite meatloaf recipe.  For fun add some rub into the mix along with some of your favorite BBQ sauce.  Form into a loaf.  Into the smoker at 225-250, 2-3 hours of smoke.  Continue cooking until you have an IT of 150 or so unless you have used poultry.  Then I would take it up to 165 IT.  For added flavor, about 30 minutes before the meatloaf is done, baste it with more BBQ sauce and finish cooking to allow the sauce to "set".

Enjoy my friend!