Easy Halibut Olympia

Started by dbrown1, August 30, 2009, 09:50:41 PM

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This is really simple but so very good...

Take Halibut and cook plain at 350 for 25 minutes
While Halibut is cooking combine equal parts mayonaise (not miracle whip) and cheddar cheese mix together in bowl.
Add garlic, onion powder and paprika to taste.
Take Halibut out of oven and cover with mixture, place in oven for fifteen minutes.
Take out of oven and sprinkle seasoned bread crumbs
Put oven on broil and put back in oven for 5 minutes.



That does look good!
Thanks for sharing :)


your quite welcome hope you get a chance to try it... feedback is always a good thing


Yep, that sounds good.  A couple of questions.

I'm assuming you had halibut fillets.  If so, how thick?  My local grocery has wild caught cod (I avoid the farmed stuff) on sale, both in regular fillets and "Captain's Cut", cut from the thicker end.  Do you think cod would work as well?  Or, maybe any white fish as long as the fillets aren't too thin?

-- Arnie

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any white fish would work, I think most of what I use is an inch or two in thickness ..