Great apps. (messy grill)

Started by dbrown1, September 02, 2009, 08:35:41 AM

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Quantity Depends on people I will give you what I do for my Family (4)

Two Jars whole Jalapenos seeded
20-30 small/med shrimp peeled and devained (precooked)
1 block pepper jack cheese
1 package of your favorite bacon
1 jar salsa
1 box toothpicks

Seed your jalapenos
Cut cheese into small squares
Place one shrimp and one piece of cheese into jalapeno
cut bacon into slices just big enough to wrap jalapenos

wrap jalapenos in bacon

once finished place salsa in bowl and marinate jalapenos for 1/2 hour

Place on grill cook until bacon is done

Attempt to get these into your house before you eat them all... hope your grill has self clean



Sounds great, but are you using whole pickled penos? I'm thinking fresh would be really good.


Nice peno recipe, will save for future use, thanks.  :)


I used the fresh one once turned out okay I prefer the pickled however..