Thermometer for continuous IT gauging?

Started by thirtydaZe, October 05, 2010, 03:01:20 PM

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hate to even ask this question, but looking through some pics around in the forums, i've been seeing meat thermometers that seem to be strung in through the smoke vent.

are these a particular thermometer meant to be left in the meat for the duration of smoking as to continuously monitor the IT, or are they simply just another form of gauging the inside temp of the smoker itself?

looking for a good thermometer, what do you all prefer?

thanks again.

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The maverick ET-73 has two probes and is designed for continuous remote monitoring of 1 IT and 1 cabinet temp.

You can find one here:

That site is run by a forum member and they have great customer service.
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DBS 6 Rack
Auber PID 1202 Dual Probe
Yoder Cheyenne 16

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This article may have some useful information for you about the different types of thermometers.
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You may want to look at the ET-7 as well, I have both and think that the ET-7 has a few more options than the ET-73.
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