Week Long Smoke-a-thon

Started by classicrockgriller, September 14, 2009, 06:14:46 PM

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Last week I jokingly told someone that I wanted to smoke something everday for a week.
The more I thought about, the more it sounded like fun. On Sunday I seasoned up two butts
and when i awoke this morning it dawn on me I probably can't smoke them all in one day and
show pictures. So I scrambled around and did a small smoke for monday. ABT's my way,some
Boudain, and sausage.

I put my de-seeded jalapeno's in my steamer and steamed the for about 12 minutes.

I stuffed them with Boudain and wrapped them.

Everthing is ready to go

Smoke is applied

Time to Eat!




Kinda crazy. Should be interesting. Really no menu planned. We'll se what happens.


That looks really good CRG.  So, what do you have planned for the next six days?  And, How can I get to your house?
-- Arnie

Where there's smoke, there's food.


I seasoned these twin butts on sunday and stuck them in the refer overnite. Covered them in celo.
Brought them out and re-seasoned them.

The one on the left:

Habanero Smoker's Butt Rub
·   1/4 cup Black Pepper, fresh cracked
·   1/4 cup Paprika
·   1 /4 cup Turbinado Sugar or Brown Sugar
·   2 Tbsp. Salt, Kosher
·   2 tsp. Mustard, dry
·   1 tsp. Cayenne pepper
(Makes enough for one 6 - 8 lb. Boston Butt)

The one on the right:

Some Old Man Down The Road's Butt Rub
·   1/4 cup Brown Sugar
·   1/4 cup Paprika
·   2 Tbsp. Blacked Pepper
·   2 Tbsp. Sea Salt or Kosher
·   1 Tbsp. Cayenne Pepper
      ·   4 tsp. Cumin
·   2 tsp. Dry Mustard
·   2 tsp. Onion Powder
·   2 tsp. Garlic Powder
·   2 tsp. Thyme
·   2 tsp. Mexican Oregano
·   2 tsp. Cilantro, Dry

Time to heat up Gabi.


FYI: On the last rub I took the Thyme,Mexican Oregano and Cilantro and ground up in a mortar & pestle before adding to other ingredients.


After the morning smoke and a spit bath for Gabi, I put the twin butts on around 3:30.
My plan is to smoke 4 hrs w/hickory and cook at 210 until how long?....until they are done.
Low and slow. My target temp for pulling is 185 to 190.

Mr Walleye

Very nice CCR!  8)

This is going to be a fun thread to follow along with you.  ;)


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Say a word for me when it's bed time....I may be crazy by the end of week. ( or drunk )

Smokin Soon

Ok here's the word .......RIGHT ON! Great looking stuff you have going!


This is a pic after 2 1/2 hrs of smoke (6:00). I flipped and rotated and spritzed them with some apple juice.


Quote from: classicrockgriller on September 14, 2009, 07:27:23 PM
Say a word for me when it's bed time....I may be crazy by the end of week. ( or drunk )

Or both!   ;D

Its amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can't do!


Quote from: westexasmoker on September 14, 2009, 08:16:46 PM
Quote from: classicrockgriller on September 14, 2009, 07:27:23 PM
Say a word for me when it's bed time....I may be crazy by the end of week. ( or drunk )

Or both!   ;D


I'm with you on this one WTS Both, and a couple of pounds heavier.
Bacon is the Crack Cocaine of the Food World.

Be careful about calling yourself and EXPERT! An ex is a has-been, and a spurt is a drip under pressure!


I took IT readings at 10:30 (147), 11:30 (147) &12:30 (152). I rearranged them for the last time tonite, with some apple spray.
I was thinking about backing down the heat for the nite but it has cooled off to a nice nite. (81 degrees)

Hab's butt rub

Some old man down the road butt rub

OK...I have been working on this all day. I took apart a microwave and took the NSR out and direct wired into Gabi's box.
She didn't like it. I then soldered a piece of hog panel to make a honing device that would send a signal to my old play
station 3. I had it on repeat mode where Luigi saves the Queen. Everytime he saves the queen it prompts for a temp
signal from the IT probe. Once the temp reaches 185, it reverses the polarity of the honing device,thus sending a signal
out of my DTV cable back into to space and straight to our local firestation .
They will call the house waking me up warning of a fire and I will tell them we have no fire. I will then pull my butts.

This is gonna be a fun week.

Actually I set my clock for 5 and lowered the temp to 200.

Hopefull Romantic

Some one should call your fire department about your scheme and have them come and take your pork butts for their dinner.  ;D

I am not as "think" as you "drunk" I am.