Bradley Birthday Cake

Started by Gamefish, September 29, 2009, 08:41:02 PM

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One of my close friends down here in New Zealand decided to get creative for my Birthday

and since we love Bradley so much this is what evolved ;)

Well it had to be done and I'm probably the only idiot silly enough to actually give it a go

First of all grab the trusty cookbook. Find most yummy cake recipe
Stop for a moment and think to self "could this really work" decide only one way to find out!

Preheat Bradley Oven
Make cake....Mmmmmmmmm 
Home alone I get the bowl and the wooden spoon....Yummmmmmmmm
Once mixed, pour into lined cake tin

Pop the cake into the Bradley on the middle shelf set timer and walk away think to self " your a muppet"

Check on cake every now and then wondering what impact a fully seasoned Bradley could have on the taste of a Chocolate and Banana Cake ?????????   

Remove cake when cooked and remove from tin and allow to cool

Looks like cake, smells like cake.... How bad could it be???

Once cool ice with your favourite icing, load with candles ( Sorry Mark didn't have enough)

Wholla..... Happy Birthday Gamefish


That rocks....great (smoke) B-Day cake.   CRG


Quote from: classicrockgriller on September 29, 2009, 08:46:22 PM
That rocks....great (smoke) B-Day cake.   CRG

Ha ha ha, i can tell you CG this one wasn't smoked only cooked but tasted great ;D


But to do it in your smokie....makes it special.   CRG

La Quinta Mastercard necessary...freakin "priceless"  :D  :D  :D You cooked a cake in the smoker...I mean...come on...that's great stuff!!!  ;D

Habanero Smoker

Great idea, but my smoker is a lot more seasoned then yours seems to be. My cake would definately have a smoke flavor. :)



Quote from: La Quinta on September 29, 2009, 11:23:59 PM Mastercard necessary...freakin "priceless"  :D  :D  :D You cooked a cake in the smoker...I mean...come on...that's great stuff!!!  ;D

;D Yeah been a bit of fun, us Kiwi's are full of great ideas  :D

Habanero, trust me our smokers are fully seasoned ;), and believe me it tasted great ;D

Habanero Smoker

I'll have to give the cake a try. When I use my smoker as a food warmer if I don't tightly cover the food the nonsmoked foods will get a slight smoked flavor.


Wahoo Woman

Gotta love the Bradley......Tomorrow Im thinking savory muffins with a bit of smoke    ;D

Hopefull Romantic

and they say some things cant be smoked.

I am not as "think" as you "drunk" I am.


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Mr Walleye

That is "Priceless" GameFish!  ;)

Awesome job!  8)

Ya just never know till ya try something!


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Happy Birthday Gamefish!
Cool cake, too.
If my Easy Bake Oven I had as a kid could cook a cake, well why couldn't a Bradley do it too  :D :D :D


Wow thats just awesome !! Bradley cooked cake.... What's next?!?


Why not, after all the bradley is just a low watt oven.