Something Strange while Seasoning New Bradley Origional

Started by Vanboozin, October 09, 2009, 02:20:33 PM

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Hey all
just bought a bradly and was seasoning lastnight.                                                                                                                 The smoker looks nice & can't wait to load it full of Coho
I do have a question for all of you though
When moving the Temp slider when does your power indicator light come on ?
Mine feels completely slack until it hits just past the halfway piont (no heat or light until this piont)
I excpected a learning curve with the temp. slider but am a little dissapionted with this deadband 
just past halfway the power light comes on but is really dimm untill i move it a little more to the right then it brightens up
Had the temp around 150f for an hour then 200f briefly before shutting it down( so i think the element is fine)



I know with mine in the daytime the light is very hard to see....for my old eyes


I'd have to check.  I believe my power indicator comes on when plugged in.  It could be when I move the slider, but I thought it came on when power was to the unit.


The light next to the slider increases in brightness as the slider is moved from the left (nothing) to the right (bright).  There's nothing to worry about.  Of course the SG "Power" light should be on once the unit is plugged in.

I end up running my slider real close to or all the way to the right to maintain 215-250 degrees.  The unit is rated at something like 320 max, but that test was probably done in the Mojave (sorry Brian).

One important thing to remember is that YOU'RE the thermostat.  The unit just puts power to the heater based on the slider position.  This is not like an oven.  The cabinet temperature will vary depending on external factors such as wind, changing outside temps, rain, snow and alien invasions  ;D 

There's also something called a PID (about $150).  That's something like a Proportional Integral Digital controller or whatever.  You plug the PID into the wall and the back of the cabinet.  Set the slider all the way to the right and put the temp probe into the vent.  Set your temp and walk away.

If you'd like more info, just post back.  There's a bunch of great people here that will help you to accomplish almost anything.


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ya i ordered aubers PID,Maverick and 3 rings this morning
checked my temp slider again,no light or heat at all until just past the half way point then dimm light comes on,push it a little further and the light brightens up and element comes on

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Life is much better with a PID....good investment Vanboozin.