Taco Melts

Started by Tenpoint5, October 10, 2009, 05:49:21 PM

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I don't care what they call them but the Pillsbury Grands biscuits  are awesome like this. But I could founder on them things anyway
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wonder if you could fold in little pieces of cheese in the dough before baking them or a whole wheat....OR SOUR DOUGH TACO SHELLS !

Yippie Ya YO


Thems looks gooood

Kinda like a chloopa

I missed the breakfast eye balls



I cooked taco melts last night and they were quite good. I liked the sweetness from the biscuits.



I made the taco melts last night also. Only problem I had was, I tried to put too much filling in and had trouble sealing them because of that. I use hot taco seasoning and hot salsa. Man were those good eats. I could only eat two, but they were over stuffed. I made a little salad on the side with shredded lettuce, diced maters, diced onion and topped with taco cheese and salsa. Thanks for the great idea. And it could not be any easier. Just what I like, tasty and easy.  ;D


I swear that I saw Grands cornbread biscuits at one time.  Have to check that out on the next store run............just made myself hungry.....yea, like that hard to do on this forum!!!!!   ;D

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I seen Grands, buttermilk, original, southern style and flaky. Not sure what 'southern style' meant. I did not see any cornbread. I used the original when I made these.


on the menu for tonight :)

added a fresh jalapeno, green pepper, black olives and have some queso fresco with jalapeno from a local farm  Local small farm cheese meets biscuits in a can ;D 


Deb, say it isn't so..... The baking Queen using pre-prepared bisquets?
;D Just kidding.


Quote from: pensrock on October 17, 2009, 08:46:47 AM
Deb, say it isn't so..... The baking Queen using pre-prepared bisquets?
;D Just kidding.

I had to have a big debate in my head,  but I just got done with a big deadline at work and I was tired.

I'm going to make CRG's cheese biscuits tonight but I'm not going to use bisquick if that helps :D