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Started by BigRed, March 03, 2005, 12:38:16 AM

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After 4 weeks and some angry phone calls, I got the Maverick e-7 back from the manufacture fixed I hope! In the mean time I got the guru and raptor. I am still trying to learn how to use it. The first try was a brisket disaster since I would not beleive the food temp. on the guru. AFter all it was in for 14 hours at 210 degrees but I pulled it at 170 degrees according to the guru. Well you can imagine it was tough. AS I said before 14 hours, I thought surely was enough.
So this leads me up to the real quesiton has anyone used the Maverick and the guru together just as a back up? If so what were your findings and feelings? Thanks folks in advance for letting me know.



I stopped using my ET-73 once I got the guru...after problem with cord and replaced, has not failed to accurately control the smoker.  My briskets typically take 14 - 16 hrs, dependent on size.  I cook at 210 pit temp to 185-190° meat temp.  I always line the top rack with bacon to drip down on brisket to keep it moist.  I use ramp off so the temp never goes over set temp on the BS.

The top vent always cracked 1/4-1/3.  I change the water at 4hrs and then don't look again until it is done.  The longest smoking time is 4hrs...the rest just sitting there getting ready to be washed down with beer after FTC for 2 hours.


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When I first got the Guru/Raptor I used my ET-73 for the first 5-6 smokes. After I found out that I could rely on the Guru for accuracy, I stopped using the Maverick. I do use the Maverick when I am doing differnt meats. For example, if I am smoking a butt and chicken, I will use the Guru probe for the butt, and the Maverick probe for the chicken.

Did you check the meat temperature with any other instant read thermometer. You could have a calibration problem, look through your manual and it will give you the instructions of testing and calibrating (if necessary) the Guru.

Most likely you had the ramp mode on which will extend you cooking time by several hours. To disable the ramp mode, make sure that the meat temperature dial is turned to off before you turn the Guru power on. After powering up the Guru, then set the meat temperature.


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After rereading your post and mine, I have some other thoughts (next time I won't try to run 3 programs and check the board at the same time[|)]

It seems that your Guru/Raptor is probably working fine. You probably had it in ramp mode, which is the default (I wish they did not program it that way). With the Ramp on, it would not be unusual for a brisket to take longer than 14 hours. The next time turn the meat temperature to off before powering up the Guru. Once it is on then set the meat temperature. To check if the Ramp mode is on, look at the LCD light located top-center of the Guru, is should be off. During smoking if the power is ever interrupted, and comes back on again, the Guru will go back to Ramp mode, so be sure to check the Guru it there is a power interruption.

The accuracy of your Guru is probably correct; from the results you got when you pulled the brisket at 170, at that temperature it would still be tough. When you pulled the brisket, did you FTC, that would have help, but I understand if you did not, at that point you did not trust the readings. I usually pull my brisket at 180 degrees F., and FTC it - it will easily goes beyond 185.

As I stated in my earlier post, I have used (and occasionally) still use the Maverick ET-73 and Guru side by side. I found that on average the Maverick was registering +/- 8 degrees difference than the set temperature on the Guru. The greatest difference in temperatures occurs with the BS is in direct sunlight. Also I do not follow the recommendation of placing the Guru's cabinet temperature sensor next to the meat; I hang it below the meat. In a side by side comparison with the Maverick, when the Guru sensor is placed right next to the meat, the temperature reading of the Guru is much lower then the Maverick's.

I know it must be frustrating, but once you get the hang of the Guru, you be glad you have it.



<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"> During smoking if the power is ever interrupted, and comes back on again, the Guru will go back to Ramp mode, so be sure to check the Guru it there is a power interruption.
<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></blockquote id="quote"></font id="quote">What??? No battery back up! Bill you got to get on these people. We can't have folks getting up in the middle of the night to see if their power was off--- LMSO [:D][:D][:D] (Just busting your chops... LOL!)


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