Ain't your Momma's meatloaf from S&S

Started by SmokinMoe, March 06, 2005, 04:17:12 PM

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I have done this several times and its always a hit.  :)


I did this without smoking it and just put it in the oven.
It is just as good without the smoke.  If it is raining, and you are craving a meatloaf, try this one anyway and just cook in oven.  You won't be dissappointed.
"If I have to cook, I might as well watch it all go up in smoke!"


I have done this recipe with ground Brisket and that is Top Notch!


Why only make one when you can make three? First time and they turned out awesome. Thanks everyone.


I agree Ts18997 - and they freeze well


I posted this modification on the original portion where the Smoke and Spice recipe is listed, I think on page 1 of this thread, but in case you start from the back, I will post it here, as well.

It originally calls for 1 1/2 pounds of ground beef and 1/4 pound of sausage, but I use 1 pound of ground beef AND 1 pound of sausage.  I still use the same amount for breadcrumbs.  Several posts on the thread said they thought it was too dry and they cut back on the breadcrumbs, but after about 2-3 times of making it, I just adjusted the amount of sausage and the loaf was bigger.

I pretty much stayed with the same amounts of the spices even though I added more meat but I just added a little more hot sauce to adjust.

Since there are many gluten-free people out there, I have used a gluten-free flour to make this.  My daughter loves this recipe but is gluten-free now.  It does NOT turn out well using that type of flour. It was definitely an entirely different texture and the meat loaf oozed (I use this word as descriptively as I can) a sort of slime-like something that was a good 1/8 inch thick all over the meatloaf.  It was pretty disgusting to me, but I did not say anything so she would eat it. 

Hope you find the recipe or the variations of it in these threads a good find.  Still smoking this recipe today!!!
"If I have to cook, I might as well watch it all go up in smoke!"


GLUTEN FREE BREAD CRUMBS- not gluten free flour. Sorry.
"If I have to cook, I might as well watch it all go up in smoke!"