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Started by ronbeaux, December 05, 2009, 03:28:24 PM

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Two Hour Buns Fermipan Instant Yeast Rolls

1.5 C water(lukewarm)
4 T sugar
3 T oil
½ t salt
1 T Fermipan yeast
1 egg
3 ½ -4 C flour or enough to make it workable.

Mix yeast and 2 C flour. In a separate bowl, whip egg, sugar, oil and water. Add flour-yeast mixture and blend well. Add remaining flour and salt.

Let rise for 15 mins. Punch down. DO NOT KNEAD!

Let rise again for 15 mins. Punch down and form into buns.

Put buns on a greased pan, cover and let rise on kitchen counter or in a warm place for 1 hour.

Bake at 350º F for 15-18 mins.

Makes 2 - 2.5 dozen dinner rolls. I get 11 or 12 hamburger buns from this recipe.

My Notes-(My friend)
1. When I use this recipe and form hamburger buns I get 11-12 rolls.
2. I use any instant yeast, I believe this recipe was put out by Fermipan.
3. The recipe seems to take every bit of the flour and perhaps a little more for me.
4. This recipe can easily be doubled.

Mix it up like it says and make sure you have extra flour on hand(All Purpose works fine) Don't go strictly by time on the rise cause it varies with temp and humidity. I usually get 8 buns from this recipe as I like mine a little larger.
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Thanks Ron

I book marked the recipe and will have to try it some time.

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I may just have to try my hand a baking and make my own burger buns. Thanks for sharing Ron.
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Don't thank me. Thank Lynne on the Primo forum.

Bread people have a lot of technical knowledge that is above me. This one is easy.

For aspiring cooks of all types of stuff I highly recommend the book Ratio by Michael Ruhlman. Kinda makes things simple and easy to modify.
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THANKS! those ones today were great looking. I bookmarked and hand copied.

Gonna try real soon. Thanks again ronbeaux.


Thanks, Ron!  I have made two ATTEMPTS to make hamburger buns with no success.  I will try this recipe;  perhaps the third time will be a charm for me!!!
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Don't know how I missed this one...

Sounds good, Ron!

Maybe blend in some of CRG's "Red Lobster dinner rolls" ingredients (garlic powder, smoked cheese) for something a little different.


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I seemed to miss this one, I aint no baker and have failed miserably when trying to make home made bread but this sounds like something I might be able to make. They sure look good.

Thanks Ron.