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Started by peter ramone, March 13, 2005, 05:48:03 PM

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Hi Clappy,

Here's a very typical customer service story that was just posted today on another thread (from Deadeye, a relatively recent member of the Forum):


I wanted to let everyone know that I called Bradley yesterday about my Bradley. I had a hole in my SS Bowl which after posting it on this web if you leave it in your smoker with ash in it it will eat the bowl away. Amyways I told the lady her name was Cassandra that I would like to purchase a new bowl because it was my fault. She told me don't worry about it I will ship you 1. I also told her my advancer did not seem to work properly the last time I smoked and she said no problem I will send you another one.( I asked her if she wanted me to ship her mine she said no) She asked me for my Serial #, Uh oh I was at work so I told her I would just call her tomorrow with the serial # and then she could ship it out. She told me that she would ship both itmes out today which was 3-29-05. on 3-30-05 when I got to work I called her and gave her my serial # and she was so thankful. I told her I am a man of my word and I appreciate what she did for me. To cap it all off when I got home today , I had a box from Bradley at the front door. It was the advancer and the bowl. I can not believe it , that is customer service and I will never forget it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pride myself in customer service because I own a small company. A fastener company so I know when people do a good job and when they deserve praise. They have a customer for life.

Thank you Cassandra and Bradley for great service and a wonderful product!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derek Canada

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I think you'll have the same type of experience as the rest of us have had.  Hope things work out quickly and you share your smokin' experiences with us soon!

Newton MA
Newton MA