Wild Rice Brats or Sausage

Started by bundy, December 20, 2009, 04:41:56 AM

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Good morning all!
Buddy dropped off some of his antelope-wild rice and onion brats he had made in Minneapolis this year and they were really great!

Was wondering if anyone would have a recipe to duplicate these, they are fresh brats and not cured or smoked.

Maybe just a smoked sausage with wild rice and onion with venison or antelope?

Would a person cook the rice all the way before adding to mix and how much per 10# of meat?

Do you use reg onions?

Lots of questions, but new at this


Sounds like a crazy spin on boudin..


Does sound like a crazy  spin on boudin.  take a look at some boudin recipes and you may find something similiar. There are a few posts on this site and if you google you will find alot.  Some of the boudin recipes might address the onion question too.    The  boudin recipes I have looked at all call for cooked rice.  I'd could the wild rice all the way, it takes a long time to cook wild rice.. 


Boudin, like Cajun?? No nothing Cajun in these, more like potato sausage. But Thanks anyways!


Quote from: bundy on December 20, 2009, 08:18:19 AM
Boudin, like Cajun?? No nothing Cajun in these, more like potato sausage. But Thanks anyways!

Boudin is a little more than Cajun

from wicki 
Boudin noir, before cooking.
Boudin (French pronunciation: [budɛ̃]) describes a number of different types of sausage used in French, Belgian, French Canadian, Creole and Cajun cuisine.

We were just trying to help you find something for a jumping off point.  At the very least it would give you an insight on the rice piece of your search. 


Maybe take the potato sausage route and replace the tators with rice.
Just an idea


That's what I was thinking, going to try it this week end, suppose to get blizzard for 3 days so what else to do??????