Help with new Bradley not working on start up

Started by MRD, December 26, 2009, 10:13:57 AM

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What is it with things new out of the box not working anymore! I won't get into how many items this Christmas fell into that category. Unfortunately my new Bradley 6 rack smoker was one of those items.

I purchased the digital 6 rack and my problem is with the smoke generator. I keep getting an "E" code under the "meat" section.

When I first plug it in all the lights except the "meat" light turn on to the controller for a second or so then go out.  When I turn on the smoke gen I can set the smoke time but can't advance a wood chip and after a few seconds there is a beep with the E flashing under the non lit meat light.

The oven seems to work properly, heating and shows temp readings.

Has anyone had this problem? Hopefully I'm doing something stupid, wouldn't be the first or last time.

I appreciate any help.


Sounds like it does not see the temp sensor. Try unplugging the small wire on the back of the smoker and generator and repllugging them back in, if that does not work try to reverse the wire. You may have to press hard when plugging the wires in, to make sure everything seats and makes a good connection.


thanks pensrock,
I did what you said a few times before i made my post. What's confusing to me is the temp sensor reads for the oven and if I pull the wire out when the oven is on I get a "E 1" code that goes off when I plug the wire back in. Is it possible for the wire to work for the oven but not the smoker?



OK maybe I was thinking of the E1 error. Do you hear any beeps when this happens? It may be the puck pusher is caught on something. Try removing the puck tube a look inside to see if the pusher trys to move when you turn it on. Also see what happens when you push the puck advance button. My guess is it is hung up on something. Maybe something got knocked out of wack in shipping. You can also remove the cover on the generator to make sure a wire did not get knocked loose in shipping.

Hopefull Romantic


Some times you get the E error when the brisquettes are not seated right in the smoke Generator and that could explain wht you cant advance them either. Make sure that they are in the right position and try again. If all else fails, and that happened to me this morning, turn the GS off and back on again. It worked for me today.

Good luck

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OK, don't like taking apart new stuff but I did. There was a wire harness unplugged, problem now solved. I'm surprised because I was impressed how well it was packed for shipping and no marks or dents on the outside. It is being seasoned now so now I can stop being pissoff and think of SMOKINGS.

Thanks to all for the fast response. I may get some wings smoked for football tomarrow after all.


No problem MRD, welcome to the forum and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

A couple tips, keep the top vent at least 1/2 open. Mine is full open 90% of the time. For poultry I would have it wide open. Also make sure to preheat the smoker and generator before loading with food. If I plan to smoke/cook at say 220F, I would preheat to at least 250F. Once loaded then lower the setting to 220F.
With the Bradley the smoke is more concentrated so you do not need to smoke for hours and hours like other smokers. 1-4 hours is plenty depending on what you are making.
Wings should be good with an hour or so of smoke, the rest is just cooking till done. with poultry the skin will not crisp up like on a grill because the heat does not get hot enough. So I would do the poultry about 3/4 the way in the Bradley then finish in a hot oven or grill till crisp it up.

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Sorry to have to welcome you under these circumstances.

This link identifies the major causes of the E error.
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