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I noticed today that although we have a little over 200 members on this site, only 95 people have posted anything... Only 8 of us have broken the 20 post mark. That means that there are a lot of people lurking in the shadows, while that is great too, I think the forum may be missing out on a lot of great input.. So this post is an oportunity for everyone to introduce themselves to the board.

I am new to the site, I found it while registering my smoker. I recently bought a bradley and this thing is possibly the greatest thing since sliced bread. I have been smoking for as long as I can remember. These new electric smokers are too good to be true... Setup and leave it alone for hours and come back to great Q. Just doesn't seem right does it? Anyway I know that I will be a regular around, and i will try to listen to my advice above and not just fade into lurking.

This is a great forum with great people, too everyone who has answered questions I had and to those who will in the future, Thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing how this "community" is going to grow.

When in doubt smoke it.


Yeah, some of us are getting to know each other by first name too! And what's really cool is that we're from all over the world!
Fuzzy; California
Kummok; Alaska
Chez Bubba; IN (If my memory is correct)
Sheriff: Texas (don't mess with that State!)
and the others I can't remember like Bassman; Msiler; Trout; Wilbur; Jon; Richard; Stormdriver from UK!...and the Mallardwacker!!

"A mans got to know his limitations"
Glendora, CA - USA!


As in life, since signing on last year, I've seen that the 80/20 rule is applicable to this forum too....that's okay though, cuz there ain't no crime in lurking here. Hopefully some of the lurkers will find cool things here, go out and try stuff, then feel "bolder" about reporting in with THEIR thoughts/experiences![^]

I HAVE seen a noticable increase in traffic since signing on, especially the recipes/experiences areas. There's some real talent that checks in from time to time and that's making for some waaaay better smoking experiences up here in AK!!

I've gotta be honest in saying that if folks like Chez, FuzzyBear, Mallard Wacker, Stormdiver, Sheriff, and several others hadn't been sharing their experiences/recipes here, I'd still be a one trick salmon smoking pony......Now thanks to examples of forum sharing like Kirk's wise counsel on the appropriate and varied uses of bacon in the smoking process, I've boldly stepped up the variety of smoking trials and am now on a first name basis with my cardiac surgeon[;)][:D][8D]

Kummok @ Homer, AK USA


Trout here.  Currently in SouthDakota, although I spend alot of time in Colorado.  I get lots of smoking practice here.  Lots of deer hunting, fishing, sausage and jerky eating animals at work to experiment on.  I have owned a variety of smokers from charcoal and electric barrel smokers to little chiefs, to a very expensive offset pit to the Bradley.  Just getting going now with my Bradley smoker, as everything is a bit different in using each of these smokers.  Definitely this is the Cadillac of what I have used so far.  I will post my successes as well as failures when they come up.  Carry on[;)]

Let your trout go and smoke a salmon instead.

Chez Bubba

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<br />....smoking pony.....

Kummok @ Homer, AK USA
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OK, I've tried lots of bizarre recipes, but...........???[:D][:D][:D]
Ya think next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non?" they would mind?
Ya think if next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non", they would mind?


I am guilty of just checking just one topic, and forget to go to other topics.. I think this is a great forum and everyone has been helpful and has a great sense of humor.   The Bradley is awsome..(don't tell Kirk, it has taken me a long time to learn how to spell Bradley, and I am going to try real hard to do better Bradley, Bradley..)



I'd likely be safe in betting that I wouldn't be the first to smoke horsemeat [;)] .......Although I've never smoked a pony, I grew up on our ranch working the dang four legged stumblin' critters, (and as a result, grew to love the two wheeled 250cc species!), and I now believe that smoking them would be preferable to riding them chasing strays in the snow[:D]   Besides, i haven't tasted ANYTHING out of the smoker that didn't taste GREAT, (not even the trout chips[:p])

Kummok @ Homer, AK USA

No ponies were harmed, smoked, or eaten during the posting of this msg....[:o)]


It's great to see some info about the regulars on this forum. Here's a bit about me. I live in the San Francisco bay area and I do a wide range of smoked products. I had been looking at Bradley equipment for several years and then finally took the plunge and bought a smoke generator from Kirk and I'm so glad I did. I put together a custom rig using the generator and it's absolutely amazing. It does 8 hours of 100% reliable cold smoke like no other unit I've seen, commercial or custom.

I have several different smokers including the Bradley, a Cookshack, and several other custom rigs. I expect to do some customization on the Bradley at some point to extend the maximum smoke time (i.e. maximum biscuit capacity) to 24 hours. This will be very useful when doing large loads of some of my dry cured products.

I enjoy sharing info and experiences and as well as helping others, since I've had the benefit of so much help myself along the way.


Good topic.  I'm new and from Alberta Canada.  I had been checking out smokers for the last 6 months or so, and just couldn't bring myself to buying one of the cheaper models - no regrets, the Bradley rocks!!!
What I can't stand is how the recipes are so vague, I think the worst one I saw was "smoke one to six hours" - Come On Now, we can't get any more specific than that[?]
What makes the product great is all the like-minded people out there sharing their experiences so we don't all make the same mistakes.  If it were not for this forum, I would be hesitant to try anything new, and the fact is that I bought it to do jerky and still have not done any yet.  I have smoked shrimp, a chicken, and pork chops (see my smoked pork chop thread) so the versatility is endless.  The forum community is very helpful and I love the fact we're all trying new stuff[:p]

John - Lethbridge, AB
Vegetarian is an ancient aboriginal word meaning "lousy hunter"
We have enough about a fountain of smart?
Living a healthy lifestyle is simply choosing to die at the slowest possible rate.

Cold Smoke

I hail from Manitoba, Canada. Where the mosquitos are the size of ducks and known to carry off small children. Anyways, smoking is a recent hobby although I've had a True North smoker for the last five years my experience was primarily making jerky. I've been smoking once or twice a week since I bought the Bradley -I've tried butts, bacon, chicken,jerky and salmon is going in this weekend- thanks to Kummok's recipe and Kirk's rave reviews. The reason for the diversity is due primarily to those of you on the forum who are gracious enough to let us newbies in on your experience and recipes. ENORMOUS wealth of information of this site. Why look elsewhere? It's also kinda nice to see the pictures of your successes. Keep it up!

Cold Smoke


Fuzzy practices smoking in Southern California - about 20 miles east of downtown Los the San Gabriel Valley...been smoking off and on for about 10 years using electric cannister models.

I've been eyeballing the Bradley for about 3-4 years since first seen in the Cabela's catalog...finally took the plunge and I'm not going back! I am truly addicted!  In fact, at the time of this writing, my wife and I are in the Santa Ynez Valley enjoying wine and smoked salmon for snacks in the afternoon!

It's the best smoker I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with and with the help of Kirk from Chez Bubba, I've been having a blast with it!

"A mans got to know his limitations"
Glendora, CA - USA!


ok this makes me feel so much better about my smoker choice!! i may be the newest guy on here. in fact havent gotten my Bradley yet. (should be here tommorrow,YAY!!!!) but i have been checking out alot of the stuff on this forum and i think its awsome!! really looks like a great group of folks with a ton of info. and i gotta say, bout the funniest stuff ive read in a long time. [:D] oh well guess i should put a little about myself. im the "big "E" living here in Phoenix Arizona. we dont have all that awsome wild life here to hunt and smoke like most everyone else on here does. (if i could just smoke cement or dirt i would be in bussines). but im gonna be around alot when my smoker gets here. gotta say im addicted to the "Q" baby!!! and i hope i can make the best ribs this side of Memphis. well, have a great one everybody!!......"E"    "where theres smoke.....theres a fat guy"!!


I'm from Grand Forks, North Dakota about 90 miles south of the border from our friends up north.  Hey Cold Smoke I was just camping with the family up in Manitoba...saw a misquito with a woodtick on thats BIG.  I do ALL the cooking in our house.  I grill/smoke year round.  I have years of experience with the grill but relativly little with the smoker. It's hard to advance at cooking when you only have your own sucesses or failuers to look back on...that's why this fourm is so good ...lots of people contribute.  After owning several of the other brands of smokers I went for the Bradley too.  The easy of use has be wonderful.  The weekend should be great and I say <b></b><u></u>smoke'm all they can always raise more.

Grand Forks, ND


My name is Jeff and I'm a Smoke-a-holic.  I live in Georgia and I got my BS for Christmas last year.  I keep it covered on my porch when not in use and it sits outside my bedroom window.  Sometimes at night I swear I hear it say "<i>smoke butt</i>".  Anyway I have had a lot of success with my BS.  My 16 year old daughter bought it for me with her hard earned money, after I saw it in Cabella's.  What a kid.  I see a lot of people are from Canada.  Hope to visit there one day.  Happy Q'ing.


Some say BBQ is in your blood, if thats true my blood must be BBQ sauce.
Some people say BBQ is in the blood, if thats true my blood must be BBQ sauce.


St. Petersburg Florida.

Been smok'in close now to 45 years I guess. If it is out there I've had it, purchase it or stole it. [:D]

As all have posted the Bradley for the home smoker is the way to go.

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