A person who is Danish needs someone's advice.

Started by Oldman, December 28, 2009, 07:11:06 AM

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I recieved this posting on the Recipe site. I have E-mailed this person the link to this posting.


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Hello I am new here I'm using Google Translators since I can only Danish but I wanted to see if it goes
Is there anyone who knows the virtue you can buy and how to reach you must buy the visas in Denmark
And is there anyone who knows the temp controller from Auber Instrumenst is ok because I have a smoking oven in EL, I just buy a Bradley Smoker with 4 grates but have not tried

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OK, well I don't read/speak Danish but am married to a Dane, so resend your post in Danish and I'll have her translate it and see if I can answer your questions.

Glaedelig Jul!



Didn't hear from him....although if he is still coming to the forum, he's still welcome to contact me!!


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