Anyone permanently mount the Maverick?

Started by GusRobin, January 11, 2010, 05:28:16 PM

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Mr Walleye

Quote from: ronbeaux on January 11, 2010, 06:03:44 PM
On further reflection, what difference would it make if you drilled a hole into the cabinet to thread a probe through just so you didn't have to run the probe down through the top vent or smash it in the door??? It will just let a little smoke out and I doubt it would make a difference in reaching your internal temp.

Slap me. Instead of just laying it in there on the grates through your new hole you could solder two roach clips together and clip one end onto the grates and use the other end to hold the probe up off of the grates. With that method you could 'attach' the probe just about anywhere inside you wanted as long as you don't run out of wire on the probe.

Ron.... What's a roach clip?  ::)  ;D

Here is a link to some alligator clips I use on the end of my TC to clip onto a rack. I just squeeze the crimp portion of the clip so that it fits the TC tight. That way you can remove them and use it for a meat probe. Works great. I also run them through the door and I have never had a problem.

You probably could drill a hole and use high temp silicone as Ron suggested. I would probably use a nail that's approximately the same diameter as the temp probe and apply Vaseline to it. Once the silicone sets the nail should pull right out.


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