venting the smoker

Started by freddy boy, March 31, 2005, 09:23:39 PM

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freddy boy

I need some advice,[?],I would like to vent my Bradley Smoker from inside of my shed. what is the best wat to go about doing this?
I tried to vent it using  3" pipe , but, due to me venting it out a side window, the condensation  that it created made a heck of a mess on top of my unit.
I am thinking of venting it straight up thru the roof. Any suggestions?

Cold Smoke

Hey Freddy Boy- check out these links...,smoking

and finally...

I've used the dryer hose as you mentioned and although it does make a bit of a mess on top of the smoker it works pretty well in a pinch and cleans quite easily. As you will see from these links, some enginious/crafty individuals are threatning to come up with some small fan/device to attach to the unit or outside of the window/wall to draw the smoke out.

Good luck!

Cold Smoke