My OBS konked out ... UPDATE x 3

Started by outdoorsfellar, January 16, 2010, 11:21:26 AM

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Hang in there ODF we are all pulling for you. Must have been a new receptionist.
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If you have a multi-meter and know how to use it etc.. you should be able to track down the exact cause really easy. There isn't much to the internals on the OBS.

I'm not sure why they would send you a new element if they feel you have the face plate connected wrong? That doesn't make sense to me, seem like they would try to step you through hooking the face plate up correctly (providing it isn't already).


Yeah, I know. Hooking up the faceplate is a no brainer ... until you look at the instructions. My OBS has a blue wire when the instructions says it's white. My red wire for the LED is down when the instrutcions says up. I rehooked the wires just as they were to begin with ... go figure. Yes, I agree, the multi - meter is the way to go as soon as I find the time to find an electrician .... my brother.
She's sending me the element because if I hadn't asked her about it, she was going to end the conversation right there. The 1st time I called, a woman with a french accent took my # & a guy called from Indiana within minutes. Today's was an englsih speaking woman who just wasn't any help. I know I'm going to get this fixed, but it's like they're all looking at this with blinders on.



I had to replace my faceplate too.  Brian suggested I drill the holes in the plastic out a bit to give it a little play and then DON'T tighten the screws too tightly.  So far so good.
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Update 3 .....

This afternoon, I took my cabinet over to my brother's for a continuity check ( thanks mr walleye ! ) and lo & behold, we found the problem right away. It WAS the heating element. The white wire coming out wasn't producing anything, so at least I knew this would be an easy fix after all. An hour after I got back home, Fed Ex came a knock'n with the element !  Great timing & thanks to all who I know were overly concerned with this

Most of all, thanks to Bradley for expediting this fix.


Third time is a charm.  ;D

Glad to here you are gettin things worked out.

Hope your back smokin soon.


Glad to hear you will be rolling in the smoke soon.

Now get to smokin!

Mr Walleye

Glad to hear you got things working Outdoorsfellar!  ;)


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