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Pozole soup
« on: January 26, 2010, 06:07:07 am »

I ran across this post on Diva Q's site..   Sounds good!

Smoke On Wheels Pozole Soup


2lbs  boneless pork loin
1 lg sweet onion, chopped
6-8 cloves garlic minced or pressed.
4oz can chopped green chiles
Oregano, Cumin, and Parsley (dried)
5-6 cups chicken stock
15oz Can hominy – drained.


Brown the pork in a couple TBS of olive oil.
Add onion and cook.
Add Garlic and stir.
Add oregano, cumin and parsley (pinch or two of each)
Stir in Chicken Stock.
Simmer 1-2 hrs until pork is very tender.
Adjust seasoning
Add Hominy, and heat.
Serve with shredded Monterey Jack, and chopped green onions.

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Re: Pozole soup
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We will have to try this one, Squirt.  Seemore likes soups like this.
Thanks for the recipe!

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Re: Pozole soup
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That sounds good.  I've been meaning to make a batch of pozole but never got around to it.  Now I've got no excuse.
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