Loose Rubber Seal on by OBS

Started by humanpest, February 08, 2010, 02:20:41 PM

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So I've been trying to be a goody boy and cleaning the OBS with warm water around the seal/smoke areas, but it appears I'm losing my battle.

My seal hasn't completely pulled itself off, yet, but I figure its better to be proactive about this kind of thing.

Without purchasing a new door, Is there a way to repair this? (Food Safe Glue/Screws/Etc?)

I'm still under warranty, but I'm not sure if this is something Bradley Fixes or if its going to cost me more to ship it out than a simple glue job will do.


Bradley (Head Office)


If your smoker is still under warranty and your having a problem with the door seal
give the office a call and they will send you out a new door seal



Try cleaning the seal area with rubbing alcohol.  It will cut the sticky residue from the smoke.



I'll try the rubbing alcohol tomorrow, and if that doesn't work I'll make a call out to Bradley..

Maybe I'll do a test run during the snow storm tomorrow night to make sure it works :)