New PID Thread - 2010

Started by zip22, February 14, 2010, 04:58:37 PM

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Hello everyone!  I've been reading all the old posts on building a PID controller unit, and have learned a lot!  Thanks!  I've got an Auber PID, a box, TC, etc. etc. .... was inspired by Raye Minor's thread:

Here's my question, as I still have yet to actually put it together and test --- I also bought a Rocker light switch to install.  It's rated at 30A for 110V.  Being a novice, I assume it comes between the power source and the PID itself.  Does any know exactly, or how the following diagram (from here: would be altered to achieve this?

After looking at Bubba Gump's and Car 54's posts, it's clear they figured out how to it!

Many tnanks again!