Time & temperatures for Smokies/Sausages.

Started by Herd Bull, February 16, 2010, 12:37:00 AM

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Herd Bull

   Thanks for everybodies help with my temp problem on my other post. talked to Brian, he is fixing me up with a temp sensor & a new display. doing my smoking for the time being with a manual probe. but i have been lookin around on the net for just some general info on the amount of time & the temperature i should be cooking approx. 12lbs of smokies/sausage (smoking in the Digital 6 rack). every place i have looked will tell you everything but! also how long should one wait between stuffing your sausage & smoking your sausage? can it be done immediatly after stuffing? i ran out of time tonight. stuffed the casings & was going to let them sit overnight @ about 10c. & then smoke them in the morning. will this be a problem? i hope not. can you tell i am extremly green @ this? i had actually put quite a bit of thought into this prior to this, but until u actually have it all layed out in front of u, thats when u start to realize how little u know! any tips & info would be greatly appreciated. THANKS IN ADVANCE. HB


I usually let mine sit overnight in the refrigerator. Don't forget you need cure in order to smoke, so make sure your ingredients include it. It's used to prevent botulism which occurs when cooking for long periods at low temperatures with lack of oxygen.
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