Wow Auber food probe just went sideways

Started by leftcoast smoker, February 23, 2010, 11:03:14 AM

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leftcoast smoker

Man I'm telling you I'm not having much fun with probes, first my maverick spit one out now my new Auber food probe just went to the moon, I mean its reading all over the map from 200-300 degrees and its not even in the bologna yet or even warmed up, I dont understand it I never pull or tug on the wires always grab probes by the probe, never submerse in fact since I started using this pid I took CRG's advice and just wipe them down with an anti-bacterial wipe now. oh well I fired off an email to Suyi to see what he suggests it has to be a moisture problem though maybe wicking up the wire braiding and into the TC there must be a better way to seal these things up to stop the moisture getting in.
so what I've done in the meantime is I took my wall mount probe (the permanently installed one I bought separetley) and used it as a food probe since its about 4-5" long with a pointed end and stuck that into the bologna to monitor IT and hauled out my extra hanging cabinet probe to monitor cab temps, seems to work ok for now I guess


Man what a bummer, sure hope you get your bologna done with out any more problems.

leftcoast smoker

seems to be working fine so far with the improvised setup,
sure glad I had that extra cabinet probe

leftcoast smoker

Just got an email from Suyi he says its under warranty and already sending me another one,
its so nice when people stand behind their products and not look to place blame, another great company



A way of testing you probes is to set all your setting to time and not temp.

Then you can test your probes one at a time in the top plug.

If you get a -H- then your probe is bad.

You can test both probes this way one at a time.

leftcoast smoker

Thanks CRG,
there was no testing this one, it was all over the place in a matter of seconds you would get the -H- then it would drop to 80 then back to 250 the off the end again, its just toast
new ones already on the way so no problem and the fixed tower probe is still working perfect as an IT probe as we speak