Quality issues ?

Started by dave24, March 03, 2010, 09:41:08 AM

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Quote from: JT-MO on March 06, 2010, 05:02:58 AM
Thanks guys, that is exactly what I had in mind that needed to be done to it. Just take it up off the original plastic and put it on rubber mounts like the back has.

That fix is for the OBS not the digital.


I just got my replacement parts yesterday, after an email exchange with Brian *late* Wednesday night.   They have a warehouse in Galesburg, IL, so I got the package the very next day.   Thumbs up to Bradley.  (and I will do the 'front feet' mod as well)


I bought a new OBS and the face plate is hairline cracked in 3 places, but it ain't a biggie to me.

But I am resupporting the front area so it doesn't crack more.


My face plate has cracked as well.  Only 2 months old.  Seems superficial, but it is cracked.


My OSB has not cracked yet??  I shot an email to Bradley a while back asking if they wanted to send me two rear feet for the front
as to try and prevent it from cracking.  I am sure they are aware of this problem as Brian monitors this forum regularly.
The response I received was If you would like to purchase two new feet they are available at a cost of $$$ I don't remember
exactly how much, but it was really cheap.  My point here is why should I pay for them(price is not the issue)??? If it
is a known problem that the face plate cracks and the rear feet being mounted on the front will fix this problem,
I would have to assume that it would be far cheaper for Bradley to send my two rear feet now as to a new face plate later.
I just got my OBS at Christmas so almost a full year left on my warranty.

I am NOT complaining about quality!!  As a newbie I have quickly fallen in LOVE with my OBS!!
I think that the Bradley co. is FANTASTIC and stand behind there product better that many other companies, in todays
world of "throw away" products.  This is from personal experience as well as reading thru this forum.

All things we buy today are built to fail!!  If things lasted forever we would never have to buy something for a second time.
So it's all about how companies will stand behind what they sell to try and make it last as long as possible.

Only my personal opinion ;D ;D ;D(which are like ass h***s... every one has one!)

Either Way....I'm Smoke'N It


sNs, seems kinda strange considering all the "GOOD" things they do.

A way of preventing the face plate from cracking woth out buying the feet replacement,

is to support the cabinet right behind the originial feet with a piece of wood and I believe

it needs to be 1 1/4" thick. I copied this from FQA.

"I used a piece of 1 1/2 inch pine board, rip cut to 1 1/4" x 1" x 19". Place this board

just behind the front feet, using the 1 1/4" side of the board as the height."

The info is in this link:



CRG, I have seen this "fix" before, but thanks for the 411. ;)
I will most likely just get some feet locally and do a permeant fix.
After all would you just stand by and see one of you kids get hurt,ha,ha!
Either Way....I'm Smoke'N It


I got my OBS the end of August, '09.  I noticed the cracked faceplate a couple of months later and called Brian.  He mentioned the "rear feet" fix and asked if I wanted the rear feet too (free).  I said "Sure!"

Brian also suggested drilling out the mounting holes in the faceplate a bit and not tightening the screws down too tight to avoid stress on the plastic.

When replacing the faceplate, I noticed the bottom of the plastic door frame was cracked.  So, back to Brian.  He had a new door sent to me.  The cats learned a few new words while I replaced the door.

I'd agree that the quality of the OBS could be a bit better but the unit works well and the service is the best I've seen!  Neither of the problems rendered the unit inoperable; they were cosmetic.

My DeLonghi coffee/espresso machine ($800) is on the other end of the spectrum.  It died (for the second time) within the warranty period.  I sent it in for service on Dec. 15.  I just got it back, 2 1/2 months later!  Tag sale.

-- Arnie

Where there's smoke, there's food.


I'm thinking about making one out of metal. But anyways got done with yet another successful smoke and the supper was great!

I emailed [email protected] and I haven't got a response yet, but I assume it is cause of the weekend.

Sorry I opened up a can of worms by mentioning my face plate cracked, I know this has been discussed over and over in this forum.


I thought mine was only a cosmetic crack 3 weeks ago after a smoking session. I cleaned the smoker and today as I (tried) to warm it up to smoke 2 big butts, the heater worked for about 3 minutes and now dead.....email sent to Bradley and now I have 2 brined / rubbed butts in plastic wrap in the fridge crying to get out and get smoked  :'(...hope they pay for express shipping of a new heater control panel?
Is that a bear with MY brisket in his paws?


My OBS faceplate cracked after a month or so. Warranty covered fine, shipped quickly and easy replacement of parts. I wasn't offered the rear feet fix; probably depends on who you talk to. Shored up the bottom with a piece of wood, no issues so far. The plastic trim around the outside of the door likes to crack, but that's just cosmetic so I don't care. Happened first around the time that my faceplate cracked, and they sent me a new door. Put the new door on, the plastic trim cracked again after a little while. Still completely functional and structurally sound. It seems like the bisquette feeder was the linchpin of the design concept, and the cabinet itself was more of an afterthought when it came to selection of materials.

I don't move my smoker; it's permanently ensconced on a bench on my (covered) back porch, so the breakage can't be attributed to jostling.

All that being said, I am extremely pleased with the OBS and very happy that I bought it. I love the function, convenience, versatility and most of all the GREAT FOOD that emerges from that frail-but-dedicated OBS sitting out back of my house.


I am in the middle of a pork butt smoke and the heating element or something went bad.  The smoke generator is still working but the heating element stopped working for some reason.  Totally bummed as it is only a few months old.


Oak put that butt in the oven at 220 to 225 and finish it off.

Sounds like a wire came loose on both you and moody's unit.


Dont know why a wire would come loose.  The OBS sits on a table on the back porch and doesnt get moved.  The face plate is cracked though. 

I will finish smoking and then put it in the oven.  Bummed about the quality though.


Quote from: oakrdrzfan on March 07, 2010, 10:15:40 AM
Dont know why a wire would come loose.  The OBS sits on a table on the back porch and doesnt get moved.  The face plate is cracked though. 

I will finish smoking and then put it in the oven.  Bummed about the quality though.

Call Bradley and they will fix you up.

You won't even remember this a month from now when you are eating some great product from the Bradley.