New digital 6 rack: smoke box doesn't seem right?

Started by Another_Bill, March 04, 2010, 03:29:33 PM

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So I finally got around to setting up my bradley smoker. Now, I'm by no means a smoker expert, but smoke box seems a little off to me.

Basically, looking down from the top, things don't seem aligned. Theres the circle cut in the top of the box, and what appears to be another tube lined up off center inside that, with a little metal bar on the outside of the middle circle poking just above the smoke box's surface. The feed shoot slides in fine, but is angled slightly to the left. In every picture I've seen this looks straight.

Is this normal and I'm worried about nothing, or am I going to have to get it fixed?



It probably go jostled around during shipping.

It's just a matter of getting the inner workings re-aligned with the hole.

I've never taken apart a generator on the digital, but on the original its the screws around the perimeter of the bottom, not the ones in the center.
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Not sure I totally understand your problem.  I recently got the DBS6.  The black tube, feeds the pucks into the box and should be inserted into the hole with the slot towards the front.  It should go in straight in the hole.  It is removable.  The SG box then attaches to the main unit hanging on the two protruding metal bolts if one isn't in properly it can cause your box to be out of alignment. 

Sorry if I misunderstood your problem

Mr Walleye

Hi Bill and welcome to the forum.

It sounds like the "ring" that the puck tube sits in  has been jostled out of position. Some people have been able to simply push it into the correct position using your thumbs. The other, more gentle method would be to remove the screws in the bottom of the generator and re-align it. Here's a link to information on how to take the generator apart for cleaning it but the same procedure applies.


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That fixed it! Opened up the smoke generator and flipped the ring around. Sits flush, tube is straight, and the ribs were excellent!

Thanks for pointing the disassambly instructions!

Mr Walleye

No Problem Bill... Now get that puppy smokin'!  :D


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