4 Degree swing on PID

Started by alnash, March 09, 2010, 05:09:49 AM

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I installed a auber PID single Probe and i installed second heating element, fired it up ran it up too 230 degrees let it set than ran auto tune i ended up with a 4 degree swing. It will go to 226 degrees too 234 degrees. Now this was on a empty 4 rack digital smoker and i didn't have the smoker going, is this normal? ???


IMO, is not bad at all. Especially in an empty smoker.

Thety do act different when you have product in the smoker.

Less of a swing.

Next time you do a smoke, after everything is toasty and happy ,

if you are having big swings, run auto tune again with product in it.


I did the exact same thing with my D6R.

My swings are 2 degrees.

That's inside my garage out of the wind.

I would bet location would play a big roll on the swing.
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You should have some kind of load in when running an autotune. It can be anything, bricks, pans of sand.


Just an update i contacted Auber and they have the best customer service ive seen in a long time AAAAAAAAAAAAAA ;D they told me as you all have said put a load in it and also put the water tray in it cause the moisture has alot to do with the heat and than re-run auto tune. I did so and it made a differance now i have a 2 deg. swing emailed them my reading and they instructed me to change P readings which i have to do yet. Will update after i try there settings for P