Running up Post count... Vote Closes March 19 2010

Started by icerat4, May 02, 2007, 03:33:35 PM

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Smokin Soon

Thanks FLB! Johnny's photos really meant a lot to me, cause it's a trip I will never have. His trips and photos had me living a dream! ;D


I read this Thread when I started coming to this Forum.

Never really felt like it was a big deal, but then it wasn't directed toward me.

After the initial start and on thru the Thread until recently a post by possibility

someone who probably wishes they wouldn't have posted it, This is some great

late nite reading.

Do we eliminate a part of this Forum's History?


I've read a lot of this thread and think that is  contains a lot of useful and personal information which I have learned from both topics and individual thoughts,

However it is a large, very large thread, I think it should be saved as an archive. Those who want to read it have the ability to read it, those who don;t  well, that's up to them.
It is a very large thread that if you don't keep up with it, will ignore it.

Just my .02


Up In Smoke

QuoteI think it should be saved as an archive

Now there is a true Slamdunk!!
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I was hoping for the lock and save option. I kinda liked Johnny's travels.
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The "Save" votes got divided too many diferent ways to survive the one "No" way.

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Hello Members

The voting on this topic has ended as you can see bye the results the majority has voted to delete this entire posting.

Until I have more time to review this entire topic I have decided to lock this topic from any further posts.
I feel there are more good posts in this topic than bad ones