Started by bigback5, March 16, 2010, 07:44:01 PM

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I left my smoker dirty after its last use and now I have a mold problem.  What is the best solution for cleaning it.  I want it to be safe for the smoker.  Any suggestions would help.


Try vinegar water.  3 parts vinegar to two parts water.
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Thanks,  that is a great idea i didn't think of that.  I was hoping not to have to use bleach water or anything caustic.


I am going to try the vinegar and water solution is there any other ideas out there?


I just chuck the racks, V-tray, bottom tray and water pan in the dishwasher.  The rest of the box I don't touch.
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No other suggestions, than to use staight vinegar. :) Don't forget to re-season you smoker.



Quote from: bigback5 on March 16, 2010, 07:44:01 PM
I left my smoker dirty after its last use and now I have a mold problem.

I always try to leave the door wide open for a couple hours after a smoke to let it fully cool and dry out.... before putting the cover on. It's more the moisture that is making the conditions ideal for the mold...  and how many of us leave the water bowl with the spent bisquettes in the bottom for a couple days... or even until the next smoke  ;)? That alone will cause the unit to be humid inside, especially with the cover on.

Enough heat will kill pretty much anything.  The issue you'll have is the spores...  the nice moist low n' slow temperatures we use in our babies are perfect for spore survival....  especially if you're doing a shorter smoke at quite a low temperature, like salmon.

The vinegar wash is a great idea, but I would then crank it up to full temperature, close the vent and run it for an hour or 2.  Let it cool off for a couple hours, then repeat this process.  What this does is ensure that any spores that aren't killed by the first round of heat will think they're safe and start to grow (you won't see it, but they're there, trust me!)....  that's when you hit 'em again to finish the job.

But...  other than somehow sticking the whole unit in an autoclave, you'll never fully sterilise the thing.  As long as your racks and anything else that touches the food are cleaned regularly you'll be fine.


The smoke acts as somewhat of an antiseptic. Things don't really like to grow in the smoke environment. This is not to say that things won't grow but if you don't leave dirty pans and racks in there you shouldn't have any trouble. I keep my smoker in the house when not in use and have never had anything grow in it dispite the fact that it is warm all the time.
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