Difficulty fitting generator and collar into smoke

Started by gord3263, May 01, 2005, 10:03:04 PM

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Hope someone maybe able to help a new guy?  Just unpacked my S/S smoker, along with a generator and collar.  The smoker is seasoning as I type, but I've run into the following with the generator.

I've taken on a project to build a smoker out of an old double wide, upright s/s freezer.  I have it fitted with a draft, vent, thermistaticly controled electric heat source,(reached 275 F., in 25 min.) racks etc.  The only problem I've encountered is the BS and collar.  The bisquette burner sleeve is too short to fit through the freezer wall.  The maximum reach on the bisquette burner sleeve is  2 3/4 in. while the freezer walls are a full 3in..  I was hoping someone may have a suggestion, short of having to have a longer sleeve custom made?  

I've contacted Bradley with the problem and they are to get back to me.

Thanks gord 3263


Hi I cannot make a suggestion, but I did want to welcome you to the forums...

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Welcome to the Forum, Gord. Like Olds, I don't have any ideas, but I'm hoping some of the more talented engineer-types or gadget-freaks can help you out:  Smokehouse Rob, Humpa, Owrstrich, NSXBill, Chez, et al.

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From what I read eslewhere on this forum, it is not necessary that the smoke unit actually be in the smokehouse part. Put your smoke generator in a small box and pipe the smoke over to the main unit via a length of dryer vent tubing. The following link will illustrate what I am getting at:


It would cool the smoke somewhat, but that is usually good. The shorter the connecting tube, the hotter the smoke. The longer the connecting tube, the cooler the smoke.


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You could make a box out of plywood and have a door to access the water bowl for change out if needed. With the proper seal you would have a minimal smoke loss. You already have a heat source for the freezer. I personaly don't like the idea of walking away from a card board box that has a burner and hot ash inside. I mean if it caught fire I might not get the proper amount of smoke to the food.[:D]



I have a friend who is a metal worker, when I showed him my problem, he said," no sweat".  He just rolled me a longer tube, reattached it to the outside houseing.  Now he's going to bend a drip tray, and some houseing for the electical, and I'll be cook'n big time. This smoker should 70 to 80 lbs. of sausage at a time! The hunters I used to work with are going to love it.

My little BS has been well broken in, I did some chicken the first weekend, and a couple of pork loin roasts this weekend.  It sure was good to get home to such a treat after a morning of golf.

Thanks again guys  [:D][:D]