Need help for an alternate for CYM

Started by Captainslug, April 24, 2010, 06:13:59 PM

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Hi Captain,

Sorry for the late response.  Been kinda a busy weekend. 

As far as the sauce goes, I go light on the salt.  The ground black pepper, garlic and onion powder should also be added in moderation.  A little cumin and white pepper wouldn't hurt either.  It should be cooked a bit, cooled and tasted for spice.  Remember, you can always add more.  A (small) bit of honey can be added to offset the vinegar and salt.  Too much honey and it'll burn.

I only use tomato-based sauces for finishing because it burns easily too.

As others have said, the CYM doesn't really leave much of a mustard taste; it just seems to disappear but is a good base for the rub.  I'd never use it on a ham sandwich  ;)

Another alternative is to mix up some of the dried Italian salad dressing packs, per package instructions.  Ya get your EVOO in here Pens. 

I really think the flavor of the "undercoating" tends to go away.  The bark flavor will be a function of the rub and the smoke.
-- Arnie

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Quote from: hal4uk on April 25, 2010, 09:00:12 AM
My wife gets physically sick if she eats onions (one of my favorite foods)...
But, cooked down good in my Spaghetti sauce, it doesn't bother her AT ALL.

That makes me wonder about the CYM... When you slather ribs or butts with CYM, add your rub, and smoke till done - you cannot see/smell/taste mustard - not at all.  It's like it's just GONE.  I really doubt they would be affected by it.

I dont want to chance it.  My son has ADHD and we let him get off his "diet" in late Jan and early Feb and if you can believe it, it kicked in his ADHD and we are still paying for it.  My wife doesn't have ADHD but since we have found out these foods she (and my son) are allergic to about a year ago, and have adjusted their diets, they felt 1000% better and for the most part my son's ADHD was not as significant or severe as before.  

Their reaction isn't like a bee sting reaction but a digestive reaction.  Makes them feel sick and sluggish.  Doctor has told us it may take up to 3 months to rid my son of his reactions to the food due to him being off his diet.  So it is not a choice on my part to test out to "see if they are affected".  I just won't feed them these foods to chance it.  

Their lists of things to stay away from are at least about 40 items long each.  Subtle differences between the two but basically they stay away from gluten, dairy, rice and eggs. My wife even has to stay away from beef.  :o There are some spices too but we cook with just the basics like S&P, garlic powder, onion powder.  I want to spice things up for them and give them more variety.  Therefore I am looking for things different from CYM.  And my wife hates seafood too and on top of it all she gets really sick if she has MSG. :o  We basically cook two different meals for every meal.

Thanks for everyone for suggestions.  The EVOO is going to be a try for sure.  Also thanks ArnieM for sharing your idea too. I am going to experiment and get a mixture of spice we like for ArnieM's idea for which we will like.  

I am still open for more suggestions too.
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Capt, you are wise not to take chances.

I know you have probably read how much food diets affect people with ADHD, Autism, etc.

Keep your family safe and hope the best for them.


Hi CS,

As Pens said, EVOO is good but so is any OO.  The point is to get a little oil on and get a rub to stick.  Now, the rub.

S&P with garlic and onion may be all that you need.  But, you can add paprika, Spanish or smoked.  Add some chipotle powder; heat and flavor.  Or, Ancho powder, more flavor than heat.  Celery salt, but lighten up on the salt component.  White pepper has a kinda subtle heat and taste to it.

My #2 daughter has problems with dairy and wheat too.  I made a cole slaw suitable for her and she (and #1 daughter) liked it too.  I'll try to dig up the recipe if you're interested.
-- Arnie

Where there's smoke, there's food.


CRG - Thank you very much!

Arnie - Greatly appreciated.  I am very interested.
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-- Arnie

Where there's smoke, there's food.


I hear ya --- Go with the EVOO - It has positive effects for almost everyone, and it's good!
Keep 'em all safe!
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