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Started by FlashOfBlue, November 15, 2009, 08:04:25 PM

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Howdy all...

Tried to do a search on Turkey Rack on the forum and didn't have much luck...

Anyone got a link to a site where I can find a good rack for smoking a turkey?


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Smokin Soon

Very pricey! I like these 7 buck beauties myself. Beer can style upright.



That one looks perfect SS I will be ordering 3 of those. Got a couple of brothers that beer can to.
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One Big Easy, plus one in a box.


Yard and Pool sells a rib rack that you can flip over to hold a turkey/roast...  I'm pretty sure Nepas used one in his Wild Turkey Traeger thread the other day.

FYI, they have a free shipping promotion going on right now as well.


We also have a Vertical Roaster rack if that is what you are looking for...




Just smoked my first turkey, and used a Turkey Cannon filled with apple juice.  Just fit it on top of the standard Bradley rack, and worked like a champ! ;D 
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I haven't done a turkey in my BS yet but have done a few on my grill. I like using a big beer can. I drink the beer ;D and replace with Five Alive juice and 1 TBS of my favorite seasoning (the same that goes on the outside of the bird) and inside the bird it goes!. I also open more holes in the top of the can for more steam release. An excuse to drink a BIG beer may have something to do with it.