Iron Chef Bradley VI Turnin Pictures (UNLOCKED and OPEN)

Started by Tenpoint5, May 13, 2010, 04:33:03 PM

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The Winner of Iron Chef Bradley VI should be:

Deb415611 - Greek Style Pizza
BuyLowSellHigh - Smoked Stuffed Pork Loin with Caramelized Onion and Beer Sauce
Seemore - Junes Grilled Greek Mini Pizza
NePaSmoker - Stuffed Feta/Sausage/Andouille Avacados
Tenpoint5 - Ultimate BBQ Burger
Caribou - Dinner Time Sausage Gravy over Feta Herb Beer Biscuits
ClassicRockGriller - Sausage/Crawfish Feta Pie
FLBentRider - Big Fat Greek Fatty
KevinG - Ultimate Brat Dog
Ronbeaux - Winnin Spinnin Beer Bread


Congrats nepas! And Caribou and Deb!

Everyone did a fantastic job!


Congrats Rick! Nice work!

All the entries looked like winners.

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Congratulations Nepas and all of the participants.

I am an avocado fan (normally made into guacamole molcajete) and will attempt your recipe.

It was a tough competition with some great entrees.  I read each with interest, admiration and, I must admit, more than a little drooling.

Thanks to TenPoint for hosting.


Up In Smoke

Congrats Nepas!
a job well done by all.
i am looking forward to trying some/all of these throughout the summer.

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Nice work everyone but my vote was on Nepas all the way.   I mean really, he stuffed avocados.  I've seen a lot of things but never a stuffed avocado.  Amazing.  It's on my to do list.   As are a few of the other goodies I've discovered form this competition.  Congrats everyone!!! ;)


Congratulations NePas.

All the entries looked GOOD.


Congratulation NePa's!!!!  Great job.  Cant wait to try some of the recipes!
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Congrats Rick,

I've done a lot of things with avocados, but never fried one.  Gotta do that!
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Just now seeing the results.  Way to go Rick!