Started by n/a, February 21, 2004, 02:45:27 AM

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This is a great Forum but I'm personally getting tired of all the email on my computer! I've tried to unsubscribe in every way I can think of but guess I'm not doing something right, it won't let me!

Is it the Forum or my computer settings?

Any help would be appreciated.


Larry M

Chez Bubba


When you reply to a post, don't click on the "Subscribe to this topic" thing at the bottom, directly underneath "Reply to this topic".

If you've already subscribed, it should now read "Unsubscribe from this topic". Click that & you're email woes should disappear.


Ya think next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non?" they would mind?
Ya think if next time I check into a hotel & they ask "Smoking or Non", they would mind?


Yikes! Hope that works for ya Larry....you've had some great posts, would hate to see ya disappear  [:(]

Kummok @ Homer, AK USA