Cold smoking with other flavours

Started by Lasse, June 03, 2005, 08:34:58 AM

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I have seen a few questions about using other wood/flavours than the Bradley bisquettes with the BS but I have not found an answer that say it's possible.

Since I just got the BS I have not had the time to answer my question myself but the summer has just started so who knows?

On this link there are pictures showing that you can put the smoker unit in a separate box away from the smoker.

My question is if anyone has tried to use regular wood chips in a cast iron box inside the box, without the smoker unit.
A heating source has to be applied so the chips will smoke.
I borrowed the picture from the link above to show you what I mean with the cast iron box:

If it's working with cold smoking then it might work with warm smoking too.[?]

Any ideas/comments?

Sorry if this has been discussed before.


Habanero Smoker

I think that's a great idea for cold smoking. Probably a single head electric hotplate would be enough of a heat source. I would think, if you kept the hotplate at least 6 inches from each side (including top and bottom), and keep the heat just low enough just to get the wood to smoke, it should be safe.

There are many knowledgeable members on this forum who can give you better advice; such as the best location for draft holes, etc.



Hi Lasse,

Can't really help you with your specific question (although others here certainly can), but just wanted to welcome you to the Forum!

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Newton MA


I'm sure it would work, Lasse. The only thing I would do is if you were doing a cold smoke, make sure your heat source is adjustable. A propane burner or an electric heat pad with a temp control would do the trick. Once your chips start smoking on a cold smoke you have to make be sure you don't get any unwanted temp spikes. With cold smoked salmon, that would not be a good thing.


Thanks for the comments,

I just finished 2 chickens and they came out fine.

I'll see if I get to try other chips later because now I'm still learning to use the BS with the bisquettes.