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Started by ruffinit, March 13, 2004, 06:01:01 PM

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i let my pork butts set out for at least an hour,[two 6lb butts]while warming up smoker,with bicut heater on too,got temp.up to 240f put in pork,temp.won't go over 240,been smokin for four hours now.is that high a heat as possable with sort a big load?vent is closed on top also.


Your temp is way to high. It would be better to back off the temp to 200F and let it go Low & Slow.You only need an internal meat temp of 165F.The longer it yakes to get there the better.Hope this helps.

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Cold Smoke

Ruffinit- see Hot Smokin BBQ thread on main page- New customer with problems-for more info on the heat issue. I don't think there is anything wrong with your unit and this is perfectly normal as 240 is plenty for cooking your butts. Actually, you might want to tone it down a touch- somewhere in the 200-220 range should be fine.

Good luck with the butts!

Cold Smoke


thanks jack and cold smoke.butts are looking good,heat down to 200f now,been goin for 8 hrs.now,just basted gonna leave smoke for an hour low heat.the hungry masses are knockin.see ya


I've smoked many a butt in my life. [:)] However, never ever over 190 degree F. Shrinkage!

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