beefmanns new smoker digs

Started by beefmann, August 25, 2010, 01:49:26 PM

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Where did you guys pick up those tool sheds? I am trying to find a pair for my smokers. Also what dimensions are those tool sheds?
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try at lowes or home depot roughly 72 inch high. 30 inch wide and 20 inch deep. some are  deeper, wider and taller,,, you may  want to get one twice as wide to house both of your smokers and equipment


They used to made by Rubbermaid but now it's Suncast.  I've seen them at Hone Depot and Ace Hardware.

The tube runs through the shed and is taped onto the top of the smoker.  I have had absolutely zero issues with condensation.  I do live in Florida though.  It may be different for you folks up North.


Love the shed. Gonna copy you. It rains here in Seattle. Right now it is freezing 19 degrees.


cool,  lots of people have sheds for there  smoker which is  good,,, some  build wooden shelving in theres for  storage. also place a  large  vent over the  vent of the smoker,.,, the  best  way is lay  a duct on the top of the  smoker   where the  vent  is  then go straight up  through the roof of the  shed and use a  sealant to prevent  leaks. also make this  part  flexible or  easily  removable  if you  have to  pull out your  smoker to work on it

Shasta bob

Beefman where did you get the parts for your vent?
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Bob, based on the labels, it looks like Beefmann's vent parts came from Home Depot.  Starting at the vent on the smoker, 1 section of 4" steel vent pipe, cut to length.  From air filtration aisle.  Above the roof of the shed 1 4" PVC T fitting and 2 4" round drain grates.  These are found in the garden section, with the drain pipe and the like.  I suspect that Beefmann picked up a tube of silicone caulk from the paint department, too.  To seal around where the vent comes through the roof of his shed.  (Note that it is possible that Beefmann's components are 3" not 4" dimension.  I'm not sure what size I bought when I did something similar to my smoker shed.)

When I installed the steel vent pipe for my shed, I made a semi permanent attachment between the pipe and the smoker.  I removed the vent damper and cut some tabs on the end of the vent pipe to match the spacing of the vent openings.  I stuck the tabs through the vent openings and then, from the inside of the smoker, I bent the tabs back so the vent pipe is attached to the smoker cabinet.

One thing that I found with my plastic smoker shed is that I needed to leave a door open in order for the smoker to get enough air circulation to exhaust properly.  When I tried to smoke with the doors closed during cold, rainy, windy weather, the smoke didn't exhaust well and what I was smoking ended up kind of sooty, very similar to what happens when you smoke with the vent completely closed.  (You don't have to ask why I can make that comparison.)  To allow for adequate air flow, I have cut additional air inlet vents into the shed.  I made the new vents at least twice as big, in  total square inches for all vents, as the vent on the smoker.  And I covered the vent holes with 4" X 10" louvered vent covers that have insect screen on them, to keep pests from taking up residence in the smoker shed.  (The air inlet vents are twice as big as the vent on the smoker cabinet because the insect screen on the vent covers reduces the air flow through the air inlet vents by about 50%.)  The vent covers are another Home Depot item, that can be found near the shingles and other roofing materials. 


all parts are from home depot, and also sealed around the tube  with silicone... tskeeter was  right on the  money