Started by SL2010, September 05, 2010, 05:26:07 AM

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Morning to all has any ever smoked a brisket fat side up(that how a buddy from work said he would do it) i was gonna throw in at bout 220 with a mix of Jim Beam and mesquite I split it and I plan to put the point in 5-6 hours before the flat to try to get done at the same time thanks


Fat side up or fat side down seems to be a matter of personal preference. Everyone seems to have facts and data to support their choice. So I would experiment and pick the one that is good for you. If it was me I would put both the flat and point in at the same time. If one is ready sooner than the other you can pull it out and FTC it until the other is done. That is just as easy  (probably easier) as trying to guess the time difference it is going to take to get them done at the same time.
good luck and have fun.
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Thanks for the come back i have been out of the loop for bit with work and computer problems but i have been smoking every weekend and been thinking of the best way to do the brisket after tasting the beef in Texas i want mine to be that good