Started by Oldman, March 20, 2004, 11:17:12 PM

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That thermometer that has 2 probes you use do you slide the probes through the vent? I just order myself one.

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Yeah, Olds, that what I anticipate doing - one in the meat one just kinda dangling there soaking up the Bradley temp...

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Yes Olds, I run them thru the vent on the top,the one for inside the smoker has a bracket that clips onto the rack so it just doesn't dangle can put it anywhere you want. I put it on the top rack off to the side about half way back because it is the coolest part of the smoker.In my opinion it's better to be a little hotter than not hot enough.also the one for internal meat temp I put in the thickest part of the meat that I'm smoking making sure it doesn't touch any bone if there is one.[8D]

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