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Started by Smokeville, September 09, 2010, 06:57:52 AM

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I just want to get ahead of the game as my new door is on it's way from Bradley.

The old door is hanging from the top hinge. I can still use the smoker if I pivot the door closed.

How do I remove the door from the top hinge when the new door arrives??? I know Bradley will help but I would like to get prepared.

Thanks, Rich

Habanero Smoker

If I remember from the time that I had to remove my door - Open the door about 1/4 open; that should be far enough to clear the hing when you lift. Then lift the door up so that the bottom pin clears, and from the bottom pull the door outward towards you. Once you got the bottom cleared, lower the door to clear the top pin.



I tried that just after I called Bradley but the top pin seems to be one piece. I wondered if I had to remove the top plastic part first?


Hello Smokeville, I've had to replace two doors over the last two years.

Open your door and lift the door up and the bottom out towards you. This should allow the door top pin to slide out of the hinge.

Hope this helps!
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Got it off!

The problem was that the top pin wanted to ride up and down along with the door. Once I could see the pin doing that it was easy.

Thanks HS & SS.