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Started by terry08, September 26, 2010, 06:09:23 AM

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Pork Loin was on sale Friday, along with T Bone steak. Bought three T bones, and a Loin, four packs of chicken breasts and two slabs of beef short ribs. Planned on smoking Sat. morning and Grilling the T Bones Sat. night. While wanting to try something different, I cut the loin into three sections lathered them with a mustard vinegar sauce mixed with my favorite rub. Placed the breasts in zip lock bags and marinated over night in Sweet Southern Secret Sauce.
Decided I wanted to try my hand at a bacon weave, so jumped in the truck and headed for the Save A Lot store in Yazoo City, Ms. The store had been destroyed by a Tornado and just opened Fri. after five months. While buying the bacon, I noticed their baby backs were only $ 2.47 a pound which is less than half of what we generally pay so what the heck I bought two slabs.
Made the weave which turned out great for the first one I have done. The wife was very impressed as was I. Started the smoke at 10:30 a.m. Sat. morning, with the pork loin weave, two slabs BB, two slabs beef short ribs, and six breasts.  Smoked with apple wood for two hours at 225* at 12:30 the IT of the loin was at 134*. I dozed off and when I woke it was 2:30 and the IT of loin was at 180*. Pulled everything off. The chicken was a bit over done and the beef ribs also the loin fatty was perfect as were the baby backs. Guess the bacon fat kept the loin moist. Wife said I had out done myself this time. Oh and by the way, T Bones are still in the fridge for some other time. Will weave the other portions of loin today and smoke along with rest of the breasts and one slab Baby Back. Will get pics this time. Forgot all about the camera Sat.


Everything sounds really great.  :)


The baby backs were so good that I headed back for more at that price. When I got to the store their were only two slabs left out of the hundred or so earlier. The price on them was $ 3.99 a lb. When I asked the manager as to why they had gone up in eight hours, he explained that a new employee who had priced them earlier had priced them at their purchase price and not the retail price. Once word got out of how cheap they were selling everyone in the county was coming in for baby backs, and that before they realized what was happening they had sold a couple hundred slabs at no profit at all.
I knew I should have bought more on the first trip.  ;D ;D


That will learn ya!! Stock up if you find a good deal it might not last very long. Sounds like you had a good weekend with the smoker.
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