Tempurature at each rack level

Started by 12AMNSX, October 25, 2010, 09:44:57 AM

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Don't know if this has been asked before, but has anyone checked to see which rack level is the hottest, then the second hottest, etc for the OBS?  I'm sure it would vary by how far the vent is open and where the heating element temp is set.  I suspect that the bottom rack is the hottest, but with heat rising would the top rack be the second hottest?  Then of course, you could further dissect this question to the front of the rack vs. the rear....... ;)


The rear is usually hotter than the front, the bottom hotter than the top. Other than that a lot depends upon what you are cooking, how much you are cooking, and how it is laid out on the racks.
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gus has hit the nail on the  head with no fans or blowers, In my  modified obs i have a 900 watt heater and a 100 cfm blower , so my heat is fairly even  throughout unless im doing a big load..  25 lbs  plus


You guys are on top of it.
My standard Bradley is haveing trouble getting over 110 F, any clues, new element needed? It was a dark and windy nite but it should still get hotter than that.
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Sounds to me like only your SG is heating.  When your OBS is on high or heating
the main element should be glowing red, if not you got a problem.

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Fishing - unplug every connection and replug.  Are you using an extension cord?