Ready to get rid of OBS!!!

Started by babyhewi, November 06, 2010, 12:35:21 PM

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That's a good point Habs.

Here is the datasheet if we have any electricians in the house..


the ranco unit would be good for dual 500 watt elements  considering that the 500 watt element would  draw a little over 4 amps each,
so anyone using  duel 500 watt elements  would buy the 2 stage  unit and set it up that  both  heaters would come on till 10 degrees of the desired box temp then turn off one...  letting the  other bring it  up the  rest of the  way,,, if the  temp drops to  much  bring  both on again

this seems to be a good option for dual 500 watt elements

and yes im an electrical contractor

Habanero Smoker

For the price of a 2-stage Ranco, you are getting within $20 of an Auber PID single probe WS-1200CPH. For the purpose that you want it for the Auber would be the better choice.


La Quinta

I'd just cold smoke some salmon and cheese!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D


I smoke on the carport, I have motion detector lights and a 120 plug-in there. If I use the plug-in I have low temps there (it's a GFI), but If I use the GFI plug-in on the end of the house receptacle I have no problem with keeping the temp up. The above is in the summer and winter, although the temp is lower in winter.

I just turn the auber to 250 (it never gets there) smoke for 4 or 5 hrrs on butts and ribs, stick them in a foil pan and cover with tin foil, poke holes in top to let out steam and set oven at 250. At correct internal temp uncover, sauce them return to oven uncovered till the sauce sets. You'll be surprised at how well they taste